Donkey Kong for DaughterThis weekend, Bangor joins cities across the US in a National Day of Civic Hacking, brainstorming and building technical solutions to local problems. In other good news, you can now rescue Mario in Donkey Kong as Pauline.

On the downside, you can also open hotel rooms with an Arduino and hack commercial aircraft with a cell phone. Oh, and Anonymous hacked their way into a Mexican standoff with Los Zetas narco lords.

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You’ve spent your winter break tricking out your Arduino board and now you’re planning to bring it back to school on the plane. Whoops! You forgot that your custom art installation looks just like a homemade bomb to the airport scanner.

Here’s a handy guide to getting your gizmos through security without ending up on the terror suspect watch list.

(via Bruce Sterling)

GardenpoolLooking to reduce your water and grocery bills simultaneously? Follow these three steps to thinking outside the box–er, pool. Via Bruce Sterling and William Emory.

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Have you ever wished you could use Jedi mind powers to speed up your boring professor’s PowerPoint presentation? Or force the words “Happy Birthday Jennifer!” suddenly to appear on his screen? Now you can, thanks to Dutch researcher Niels Teusink, who combined an Arduino board and Metasploit software to demonstrate how to hack a presenter’s computer by hijacking his remote.

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