Lewiston/Auburn is hosting it’s first ever film festival sponsored by various local establishments as well as MPBN. This is a great opportunity for students to get their work shown and be apart of bringing exposure and culture to a part of Maine that is definitely on the raise as far as the arts go. Being a past student of the Camden film fest I can attest that there are some very talented filmmakers in the UMaine community, here is your chance to get your film shown and maybe open up some future opportunities.

Check it out here: http://www.lafilmfestival.org/

My name is Dennis St. Pierre, I am an MFA student in the Intermedia Program here at the University of Maine.

I am announcing a new light hearted, humorous and informative voice opposed to the Tea Party Movement. Everything is explained below in a press release I wrote.

We are still adding content on a daily basis to our site, especially the intelligence, (aren’t we all) and there are lot’s of products that are not in our online store yet.

Hopefully everything will be completed soon. None the less, it is time to announce.

So please visit our site, purchase goods in our effort to stand up to the Tea Baggers and fight for our country while at the same time raising money and awareness for important causes. Help us go viral and spread the call.
Any advice, feedback, links to great information and content you think would be appropriate to add to our site, would be greatly appreciated.

I hope life finds you all well. I wish you all great happiness.

Dennis St.Pierre

Hello Everyone,
I am Dennis St. Pierre, an ordinary worker, a student, an artist and most important a citizen! I am a Perturbed Passionate Patriotic Pacifist (say that 4 x fast) who is tired of the high jacking of our Democratic Republic by the Tea Party and feel it’s time to do something about it. So I and some Friends, have created the NOT TEA (yes naughty) Party. We have decided to fight back using humor, intelligence and common sense.

Like most of you, we have little time to go to meetings and assemblies, coffee party’s etc. We are so busy just staying afloat. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing to say and the time to speak up is passing us by.

By not voicing our opposition, by remaining silent and complacent, we are allowing a possible takeover of our government and ultimately our country. This is the work of the ultra wealthy and the extremely misinformed in the guise of “Patriots”, who call themselves the “Tea Party”.

It is through simple acts of defiance that we can defeat this opposition. We all know the power of marketing; we all know how powerful a few words can be. We all can defeat this rhetoric filled and misinformed group and take our country back.

How? We fight back without malice, but instead armed with humor, common sense and strong intelligence as our weapons, We take simple actions like that of wearing a T-shirt, placing a bumper sticker on our car, placing a sign on our lawn to be our voice when we don’t feel like direct confrontation. We take time to gain knowledge by reading and debate. Suddenly, you gain strength, armed with the knowledge of being one of many. Suddenly you feel strong enough to stand up and confront the bullies directly.

We believe as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. believed that it is through many little acts of non violence and intelligent defiance that true power prevails. These acts include the use of Humor, Knowledge and Good Will.

That being said; we are attempting to give you the means to defeat this takeover. We have created a website www.notteacompany.com or www.notteaparty.com . It is being updated constantly with News, A Library, Links, Cartoons, Humorous Videos, a place to exchange knowledge, as well as a Mercantile where you can buy products to voice your displeasure of the Tea Party. Products with humorous double entendre rally cries! “I’m NOT TEA”, “Sooooo NOT TEA”, “NOT TEA & NICE”, “It’s Nice 2 B Naugh-Tea” and many others that support the “NOT TEA PARTY” idea. We will soon have “Wicked Not Tea Coffee” as well. 15% of all profits go to NON PROFITS.

So, I hope you will go to our website and our store and become part of a “Wicked Not Tea Party”. So laugh, be informed and perform acts of Good Will all while being NOT TEA!!!


Dennis St. Pierre

For more info please contact me via email at [email protected]

“Remember…… try to be good and if that’s impossible, Be reeeaaalllly bad and tell me how good it was!!!! :-)

“Imagine” john lennon

350.org has launched a glocal event–locally engaged, globally networked–to send a message to our political leaders that we want to work for positive life-affirming goals for our communities and families.

You can see two local Orono events as well as nearby events on the map
9 October 2010 – 10:00am – 2:00pm
Learn sheet mulching techniques for both Apple Orchard guilds, and raised beds.

Waterfall Arts presents Still Water Co-Director Joline Blais talking about her work in ecology, the New Commons, and cross-cultural networking on Monday 26 April at 7pm.

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Have you ever played a guitar that sounds like a thunderstorm? Worn glasses that automatically upload a photographic history of your everyday life? Schussed down Sugarloaf with skis made from organic materials?

MelansonThis Wednesday, thirty-five New Media seniors will rock the U-Me campus with a night of curb-jumping capstones.

CatalinaHeld in Lord Hall from 4 to 6pm on Wednesday 28 April (Maine Day), this event showcases senior projects that reveal or transform what we take in with our eyes, ears, and even taste buds. More than one-off student projects, many of these startups already have sizable audiences, proving that an economy in the dumps is little deterent to the creative undergrads of the University of Maine’s New Media Department.

Open Your Eyes: The 2010 Capstone Night

Wednesday 28 April 4-6pm

Lord Hall

Find out more about projects featured in the 2010 Capstone Night

Screen shot 2010-04-24 at 12.46.51 PMOur company of actors and chefs will be arriving in the form of an alchemical laboratory that engages all of one’s senses through a media-rich exploration of food, music, video and theatrical performances. The University of Maine’s new Intermedia Graduate program will be launching a revolutionary collaborative effort, under the guidance of Professor Leon Johnson, where graduate students engage as designers, authors, performers, with a range of communities, to cultivate conversations with local artists, farmers, students, teachers and businesses to generate a uniquely immersive dining experience.

Guests will enter into a bubbling laboratory, rich with history beyond our time, as wandering scientists of questionable origin stop to observe the local inhabitants. Supported by a backdrop of music, video, custom designed sets, original script, an eclectic cast of characters, and a multi-course dinner prepared live from the finest local produce, the project looks to activate as many local artisans as possible. Collaborative efforts have already begun between the team of students and several artists and venues, and all are looking forward to the launch in April.

The students hope to demonstrate that this nomadic structure based on conversations with local communities around convivial spaces can become a sustainable architecture for artists and farmers alike. The collaborative model looks to activate new models of learning and engagement in the world that stimulate conversations that can carry on beyond the scope of a single project, generating opportunity and awareness for a host of groups and individuals throughout numerous communities. The theater will serve doubly as a mobile art gallery, as all artifacts that comprise the set will be custom designed artworks created specifically for that evening’s performance. From photography to furniture making and cooking, artisans of all types are encouraged to participate in this model. For more information on joining us as a guest or a collaborator in a dining experience like no other, please feel free to contact us.

Performance Dates May 5th, 6th, 7th
For Ticket Information, Please Contact [email protected]

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See Attachment ^^^

1:45pm Presentation by “The Projectionist” (Jesse Melanson) and his VJ works.

Presentation will include:

- Documentation of performances – Electric Instrument as a Direct Video Controller – Paid Vibrations – rubber band controller – Sound Response System – VJ performance – Body Movement as a Controller of Video and Sound

more @ jessemelanson.com

pdf iconCUGR Showcase.pdf

See Attachment ^^^

1:45pm Presentation by “The Projectionist” (Jesse Melanson) and his VJ works.

Presentation will include:

- Documentation of performances – Electric Instrument as a Direct Video Controller – Paid Vibrations – rubber band controller – Sound Response System – VJ performance – Body Movement as a Controller of Video and Sound

more @ jessemelanson.com

pdf iconCUGR Showcase.pdf

The Strange Status project will be holding an exhibit this Friday and Saturday and would like to give YOU the opportunity to submit your work.  The exhibit is entitled RE: Interpretations and work that reinterprets a media, movie, song, photo, ect. will have top consideration. The exhibit will be held in Orono next to Lissus pizza Friday and Saturday night from 4-8.

Even if you don’t submit a piece make sure to come and check it out.  Door prizes graciously donated by some of Oronos fine establishments will be given out to those who attend.

Submissions should be in the form of a jpg or link to a video demonstrating the project

Send Submissions to: [email protected]

Deadline: Friday April 9th by 12pm

This exhibit is made possible with the help of:

Orono Pharmacy

Pat’s Pizza

Margaritas Restaurant


Burbee and Bates

The Roost

I am working on building a website for my senior capstone and I need your help.
It is a free website that offers young musicians and professionals to have a place to post their original/non-copyrighted scores of music through educational/instructional videos as well as written score sheets. This site is geared towards having users teaching and helping users learn all things related to the musical instrument. The goal of this site is to have you, the user, provide the content. It is important users on this site come to the aid others, give a sense of a supportive community, so they can learn the art and joy of music. Anyone is allowed to view the videos, score sheets, and add comments. However, you must have a user account in order to upload content.

I am looking for users, who right now, have prior knowledge of music and are able to contribute these instrument educational videos.These videos do not have to be long. Keep the videos to less then 10 minutes. I would like my users to teach how to play an instrument that they feel they are strongest in. You can demonstrate the instrument of your choosing. It can cover the basics of playing that instrument, or it can be more challenging lessons for those users who want to push their talents further. As long as it is relevant to the instrument. You could even show them how to read the music for that instrument, how to keep time, or even how to write music for that instrument. As you can see, the possibilities of what to show users is endless. Also if you don’t have a lot of time just adding 1 video would be extremely helpful and then you can contribute at your own pace. If you need more information I would be happy to help.


UMaine Museum of Art

40 Harlow Street (downtown Bangor)

6-8pm Friday 19 February 2010


No Ben Stiller, but free pizza to Art and New Media students with MaineCard.

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Still Water lab, 4th floor, Chadbourne Hall

Monday 30 November 4-5:30pm

Italian curator Laura Barreca contrasts the long view of traditional art history and conservation with the brief lifespan of contemporary artistic media, asking how works in ephemeral media should be preserved for the future in the light of controversies such as the restoration of the Sistine Chapel. All are welcome to attend this informal discussion for all or part of the allotted time.

Currently an Italian Academy Fellow at Columbia University, Laura Barreca has taught at the Faculty of Architecture, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, as professor of the Course of History of Contemporary Art, in 2009. She is Assistant Professor of the Chair of History of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Conservation of Cultural and Artistic Heritage, University of Viterbo. She works as external consultant for the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, for the Land Art project “Sensi Contemporanei” (Basilicata 2009). For the MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo she is curator of the project “Committenze contemporanee”, in collaboration with UniCredit Group and Galleria Borghese. Since 2007, she worked as Junior Curator at PAN| Palazzo delle Arti Napoli. Since the completion of her Ph.D., she has been writing articles and papers, and has been invited to present lectures in several conferences (Madrid 2007; Montreal 2008; Rome 2008-2009) about “Conservation and Documentation of New Media Art”.

This discussion is sponsored by the U-Me New Media Department, The Intermedia MFA Program and the Cultural Affairs Distinguished Lecture Series Fund.

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