The brave new world is full of technological innovation. ┬áIt’s also full of people trying to grab onto the profits they generate. So when new products come out, companies holding patents that fringe on their concepts file lawsuits. Are many of these lawsuits frivolous? Sure. But defending against them racks up major expenses.

Discussions on patent trolling aren’t new. But DevsBuild.It via Techdirt adds a particularly juicy interview into the conversation. Techdirt setup the story quickly by describing the complexity of the issue: Continue reading »

Adobe LogoYou won’t get your next copy of Photoshop on a CD or via download. Adobe has announced that its popular suite of editing apps, including such graphic design workhorses as Illustrator and Dreamweaver, will be sold by subscription only.

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Capstone Announcement 2013 heaThe 2013 New Media Night opens tonight from 6-8pm at the University of Maine to celebrate the unveiling of a new center for whiz-bang art and innovation.

Funded by a $3.9M bond in 2009, IMRC (pronounced “immerse”) is chock full of cutting-edge toys, from 3d printers and laser engravers to 360-degree projections and moveable walls.

This opening show is the 8th annual New Media Night, where our best students exhibit their visions of the future. This year’s crop ranges from walk-in immersive videogames to autonomous shadows to social networks for gardeners and boulder climbers.

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