Jul 092011

Ya know when you’re in charge of a software application, sometimes you get to the point where you just keep piling on quick fixes because you don’t have time to rewrite the code properly? It’s called programming yourself into a corner, and it’s not good. In another installment of Wall Street mimicking bad software,

In a piece of legislation recently passed by the House and the Senate to revamp patent law, a tiny provision was inserted at the last minute called Section 18.

The provision, which my colleague Edward Wyatt detailed in an article ahead of the House’s vote on the bill last month, has only one purpose: to allow the banking industry to skirt paying for certain important patents involving “business methods.”

Even more reason to invest in alternative networks.

Full text at http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/07/04/in-a-bill-wall-street-shows-clout