Jun 042012

St Thompson Techlaw fThe 3d printer promises to become “a photocopier of stuff,” and creative people have already begun to use them for fun as well as practical ends.

But will vending machines that fabricate homemade Legos or Warhammer figurines be the next target of filesharing lawsuits? It’s great to be able to download a Herman Miller Aero chair, but what if you only can afford the trial version, and you’re sitting on it when it crumbles into polymer dust 30 days later?

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Oct 192010

Feed Will Gorman’s MakerLegoBot your Lego CAD drawing and it will print the structure out in Legos. Did I mention Will’s machine is also made of Legos? So once Will figures out how to feed a MakerLegoBot its own blueprint and it starts to make copies of itself, he will have given birth to the first Lego life-form. I for one welcome our new multicolored brick overloads.

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