Capstone Announcement 2013 heaThe 2013 New Media Night opens tonight from 6-8pm at the University of Maine to celebrate the unveiling of a new center for whiz-bang art and innovation.

Funded by a $3.9M bond in 2009, IMRC (pronounced “immerse”) is chock full of cutting-edge toys, from 3d printers and laser engravers to 360-degree projections and moveable walls.

This opening show is the 8th annual New Media Night, where our best students exhibit their visions of the future. This year’s crop ranges from walk-in immersive videogames to autonomous shadows to social networks for gardeners and boulder climbers.

Dolloff Talbot Minecave Installation smaInside the cavernous IMRC performance space is an interactive game played with gestures set inside an enormous block scaled so that a pixel is a foot tall. Other immersive capstones on view feature video projections that make the walls of a theater come alive, or offer a new relationship with your shadow, or force you to look at your environment from a 3rd person perspective.

This year’s students have also produced a number of mobile and Web apps to help you enjoy the outdoors, from hunting and foraging to staying fit.

Robbins IconFour of the projects on display have already been acclaimed as this year’s undergraduate research award winners. Derek O’Brien, whose iPad book documents how hardware can help the disabled, was profiled last week in the Bangor Daily News.

IMRC sits at the north end of campus across from the tennis courts, in the space previously occupied by Stewart Commons.

More on the exhibition here.

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