Bell Random Penguin JurassicNew media provocateur John Bell remixes famous book covers to show what they would have looked like if this year’s big literary merger had chosen the name Random Penguin.

Yesterday the US Department of Justice approved the merger of Random House and Penguin books. This new literary colossus, which will control a quarter of the English-language publishing market, will be known by the suitably resplendent portmanteau of…Penguin Random?

Say it ain’t so, say thousands of bookworms everywhere disappointed that the literary juggernaut won’t be called Random Penguin. Did these publishers contract the same dyslexic marketing firm that gave us the acronym PHP (Processor, Hypertext Pre-)?

Bell Random Penguin HyperionNot to worry: new media artist John Bell (@NMDJohn) has given us a glimpse into what the wonderful world of Random Penguin would have looked like.

His just-launched site shows a series of book covers that have been remixed to incorporate random penguins.

Bell may be best known for his game remixes, including a version of Tetris for the blind. With nine co-authors, he wrote 10 PRINT…, a single-voice book exploring the social and technological environment around a one-line BASIC programn.

Meanwhile, as a Still Water Senior Researcher, he co-developed The Pool, a system for fostering and documenting distributed creativity in digital arts, and the Variable Media Questionnaire, a database that provides insight into the preservation of ephemeral artworks.

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