Keep losing your iPhone? You can now dock it in your bra, toaster, kettle, prosthetic arm, or yes, under your skin.

Excuse Me as I Go Dock My Phone on My Leg… | GeekDad |

He worked with the big dogs at Nokia, and his prosthetist, and ended up with an artificial arm that charges his phone. Even more than that, it docks his phone and he can text while it’s still attached to his body.

‘Day Maker’ Alarm Clock Brings Toaster-Popping Fun to an iPhone Dock | Gadget Lab |

Pop your iPhone into the top of the Day Maker before you hit the hay. When your alarm goes off the next morning, your iPhone pops back up like a piece of freshly toasted bread. If you want to snooze, just pop your iDevice back into the slot so you can get some extra zzz’s.

Subdermal Magnets Allow You To Wear an IPod Like a Watch – Slashdot

“Tattoo artist Jersey from Dynasty Tattoo (in New Jersey) implanted sub-dermal magnets in his arm to wear his iPod touch like a watch. From the article: ‘”Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors, and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimetre magnetic tops,” he said. “I took the ends of magnets and actually adhered them to the back of the iPod, and that’s how they click into my skin.” He added: “I can go for a run and it won’t come off. I’ve already taken it to the gym and jogged with it on.”‘”

iPhone Dock Stumbles Its Way Onto an Electric Kettle | Gadget Lab |

Designers Sang Keun Sim & Kyowon L&C Design Lab have created a water purifier that doubles as a hot water kettle. OK, this makes sense. But the designers of the Wells Smart Mini didn’t stop there. The appliance also contains a dock for an iPhone or iPod. Apparently, the act of heating up water should have musical accompaniment.

An iPhone pocket… in your bra? – The Week

After noticing that their female friends kept losing their smartphones while out clubbing and drinking, two entrepreneurial University of Washington juniors came up with a purchasable solution: The JoeyBra. The push-up bra has a pouch on each side (hence the name, a reference to a baby kangaroo) for stashing your iPhone, ID, keys, credit cards, or a bit of cash, so women don’t have to carry a purse or wear pants. After patenting the idea and making a prototype, business students Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow have surpassed their $4,000 seed-money goal on Kickstarter.

2001: A Space Odyssey Scene in LEGO as iPhone Dock | GeekDad |

it puts the iPhone in its proper place as an alien technology planted on Earth to catalyze our evolution into (more) sapient beings.

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