Skateboard manufacturers, coffee bars, and tattoo parlors are all new media industries–they just don’t know it yet. Here’s how to convince them to hire you.

Science fiction author William Gibson said “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Help spread the future around with Wired’s wiki on how to apply for a tech position that doesn’t [yet] exist. Some excerpts:

Persuading a company that they should open their doors to geek gurus can be a frustrating endeavor, but these tips should help you land your dream tech job, even if your position doesn’t exist yet….

Any old enterprise company is bound to have existing positions for CIOs, security managers and software engineers. But there’s a slew of job titles that upper management may not have heard before, or may have disregarded as passing fads or buzzwords. Here are just a few to get you thinking of ways you could blaze your own trail.

Social Media Manager

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — you use them casually every day, and now it’s time to bring all of your practice to the field. Professional social media is a relatively new phenomenon ripe for conquering, so become a hashtag ninja, spread the friend requests, and communicate with your customer base to bring a new level of interactivity to your company of choice.

Interface Scripter

With the slick capabilities of HTML5 and ActionScript 3, basic web code doesn’t push as far as it used to. Instead of offering to join the ranks of a company’s web developer pool, become well-versed in Flash/HTML5 animation and scripting so you can tout an engineering flair that the basic web jockeys can’t….

Let Them Try Before They Buy

The great thing about lots of modern web technologies is that they require little to no resources to utilize. A majority of common gadgets can tweet, any computer can compile code, and wireless signal is part of our atmosphere more often than not. Use this to your advantage and offer a company a free trial of your services, so they can see what it’s like to have you on their team at little cost to you. Chances are that they’ll get used to your addition and feel compelled to keep you, especially if you’re cut out for the job and display a good deal of success in a short time — which you should monitor meticulously with analytics.

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