Have you recorded a podcast, or written songs? These internships may be for you.

My name is Jaime Nelson, and I work at Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group. We publish performing arts books. Our company has two opportunities for two students working with digital media. It could be an option in a class project, an independent study, or even an internship if the student is able to do it all term or semester long (starting next semester). Please feel free to share this with your students and other members of the faculty. Details below…

Opportunity #1: Podcasting

Our publishing house is creating a new author podcast where one author and one special guest will have a half-hour conversation each episode. The student would be responsible for scheduling the tapings, introducing the guests on the show, recording the show (i.e. over Skype or landline phone), and editing the episodes to make them smooth. Student, author, and guest will connect via Skype or phone, so work can be done from home. Flexible schedule.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who are not only looking to gain experience in professional audio editing, but also great for students looking to develop organizational and scheduling skill sets akin to those of a radio producer or guest booker. The student will also be communicating with influential people in the performing arts. Depending how interested, knowledgeable, and comfortable the intern is, there is also the opportunity for the student to take part in the discussions on the podcast.

Requirements: Good organizational skills, comfortable talking to authors and guests, recording software (for example CallGraph is free software that records Skype conversations), and audio editing software and skills. The student will also have to have enough flexible time to be able to find time for the student, the author, and the guest all to connect at the same time.

Length of time: Flexible depending on assignment by professor. The podcast is an ongoing project, so it could be a two-week project, a full semester, or go on indefinitely.

Payment: This is a non-paying internship/project, but the student will get a free copy of each book that is discussed on the podcast. And ideally this can count toward a grade or college credit

Opportunity #2: Songwriting Videos

We have a book series on songwriting by songwriter/composer Rikky Rooksby. We are looking for an enthusiastic music/songwriting student who can be the face of this series on YouTube. The student will create short (a couple minutes long) instructional (but fun) videos on songwriting, using lessons from these books as a basis. He/she will upload videos regularly to a Songwriting channel on YouTube. The student can use their creativity in choosing lessons, how to teach them, and video style.

The student will not only be studying these songwriting books well enough to teach them, but will learn about growing an audience and networking through social media in the process.

Requirements: Student must have some kind of knowledge of songwriting. He/she must have own video equipment and editing software (doesn’t have to be HD quality). He/she must be comfortable in front of a camera, engaging to watch, and clearly be able to teach the lessons.

Length of time: Flexible depending on assignment by professor. It could be a two-week project, a full semester, or go on indefinitely.

Payment: This is a non-paying internship/project, but the student will get a free copy of all of Rikky Rooksby’s books. Ideally this would count toward a grade or college credit as well.

Here are the books in the Rikky Rooksby series:


Please visit halleonardbooks.com for more information about our company. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions for me.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Jaime Nelson

Publicity and Marketing Assistant

Hal Leonard Performing Arts

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