20111230-223938.jpgOnce upon a time, sculpting in a 3d modeling program felt more like playing with an Etch-a-Sketch or Playdoh Fun Factory than modeling real clay. Now Chameleon and its haptic arm put let you get a grip on your virtual object.

(via Bruce Sterling)

20111231-104838.jpg*This is bonkers. These guys have somehow mashed-up a glue gun with the fabbing software, so that the human hand becomes the extrusion nozzle, and the user can hand-build fabbed objects.

*You actually “feel” the code as the goo oozes. Why, this could be like paint-by-numbers for clay.


“Chameleon’s WOW factors:

“being able to ‘touch’ and actually feel the 3 dimensional qualities of a virtual object

“movement in all directions to interact, manipulate and construct objects within a 3D space

“sense of touching and moving freely, tapping into our natural way of doing things

“feel where you are, whether inside or outside objects

“so easy to create organic shapes

“changing the hardness/softness of virtual objects for different effects

“straightforward, non-complex interface for a more intuitive way to sketch and modelling”



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