This is a tough time to be a government in the U.S. ┬áRanging from municipal to federal, governments are under attack by conservatives and liberals alike for overspending, budget shortfalls, and service shortcomings. ┬áNow, corporations make sure that they can’t do anything right, either.

We’ve repeatedly hammered Time Warner Cable (and its big-cable cronies) for crying to the North Carolina legislature about municipal broadband. TWC claims it can’t compete with taxpayer-backed ISPs such as Wilson, NC’s Greenlight — and that it shouldn’t have to. In fact, Greenlight and four other municipal providers came about specifically because corporate players refused to provide inexpensive, fast broadband. And now that local governments have proven they can provide it, the cable companies have cried foul, pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into select political pockets all the while.

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