NEW YORK CITY,  19 Nov 2010 —

MYFOXNY.COM – Some might say there is a ‘war on cars’ going on in New York City.

With Mayor Bloomberg at one time or another pushing for a congestion tax on vehicles entering areas of the city and more and more bike lanes put in place, New Yorkers are taking to the streets. (source)

But it’s not cars that “some” should be worrying about… it’s pie charts. As in this pie chart that graphs the amount of car space that’s been handed over to bus, bike, and pedestrian lanes:

Reallocation of New York City Street Space,

As for the congestion tax? It was an idea that was never put to a vote.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the new Times Square, featuring colorful bikeways and walkways, has reduced harmful Nitrogen levels while successfully creating a cut-through path for pedestrians.

Broadway Ave, New York City, 10 February 2011
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