Anonymous video artists have projected onto the Maine State House the mural by artist Judy Taylor originally installed to commemorate Maine’s labor history. The mural’s removal by Maine’s new governor Paul LePage has provoked outcries of censorship from artists and educators.

From the YouTube page:

We put this video up to remind our peers that you have a voice, as soon as you choose to use it. If your government takes a symbol away and tries to hide history, you can make the truth resonate a thousand times stronger with your own 2 hands.

This is a lesson the labor unions taught us all, though some have chosen to forget it. We will remind you.

The maker of the art is unimportant. What matters is that you see it, and you have the freedom to speak about it.

Graffiti Projection car a illGosh, this action sure reminds me of the Graffiti Projection Car that was a New Media capstone several years back. Just sayin’.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC:

This mural thing isn’t going away, and neither, really, is the mural. Above, video of someone projecting it onto the Maine State House — making a mark without leaving one.

This video projection may be the most creative response to date, but it may not be the most politically effective. The winner there could be the Federal government: the US Labor Department is demanding that the governor repay the $40,000 it paid to commission the mural–or save taxpayers’ that money by putting it back up.

Graffiti Projection car b illRight: Views of the NMD Graffiti Projection Car.

(via John Bell and Michael Bell-Smith)

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