Feb 172011

Dear Jules Dervaes,

Urban Homestead


Believe it or not, that line/link above may land me a trademark infringement letter. Fortunately, Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne (who wrote this book), not only wrote a guide for my recent LA-based urban garden, but have provided a good defense (via GOOD.is),

Erik and I strongly believe that this movement must be open-source and accessible to all,” says Coyne. “Once upon a time we would have learned homesteading skills at our mother’s knee, but now we have to teach each other, share what we know, and help each other along. Generosity of spirit is an essential characteristic of the ‘modern homesteader’—and I see this spirit everywhere we go.

Either way, Dervaes’ trademark attempt isn’t half as cool as Kembrew Mcleod’s, who tradmarked “Freedom of Expression” a few years go.  Except Kembrew doesn’t really care,

In filing this application, I crossed the enemy line at the Patent and Trademark Office, feigning allegiance by speaking their slippery language oflegalese, fooling them into saying what I hoped wasn’t actually possible.

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