A documentary Film

For many of us our parents encourage us to attend college and get a higher education so that we can have a choice of what we would like for ourselves in life an not just have to settle for what we can get. When i first when to college I was filled with the idea when I got out I’d have a leg up on the rest of the world, that I’d have to beat employers off with a stick and choosing a my career would be like choosing which gift to first unwrap at christmas; exciting, somewhat expected, and always with careful and thoughtful deliberation. A year out of school and I quickly found out that was not the case at all. Instead of exploring new areas and growing into adult hood I found myself back in my old room and in many ways back into adolescence. Now don’t get me wrong I would not change my college experience for anything, not only was I expose to classes of people I wouldn’t normally interact with and create strong bonds and important relationships, college helped me view the world beyond myself, brought my attitude and intelligence to a higher level, and help form me into a daring, risk taking, creative person. Still I wish my income could reflect those four years that help me grow so much.  Though I understand that times are tough and I am not the only person with such ‘after college shock’ and what’s helping me get through this difficult time for our nation is in fact my background in higher education.  I’m realizing that to be an adult is to tackle responsibilities that may not make you happy  while still pursuing that thing that motivates you.

The link above is a link to my blog for a documentary film I’m working on about this very subject. Titled: Overqualified At first this film was going to be a broad documentary about what it means to be a college graduate in todays economy but as things evolved it has become more to focus about a certain individual named Rachel. Rachel graduated top of her class in both high school and college, she is driven, smart, articulate and struggling, like may of us are.  I won’t go into more detail because that is what the blog is for. If you have the time check it out, give me some feed back and hey if you feel like supporting a local filmmaker and fellow black bear, donate a dollar or two.

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