Feed Will Gorman’s MakerLegoBot your Lego CAD drawing and it will print the structure out in Legos. Did I mention Will’s machine is also made of Legos? So once Will figures out how to feed a MakerLegoBot its own blueprint and it starts to make copies of itself, he will have given birth to the first Lego life-form. I for one welcome our new multicolored brick overloads.


Building things out of Lego? Lots of fun. Building a thing out of Lego that itself builds other things out of Lego? That’s totally mindblowing, and that’s what Mindstorm master Will Gorman managed here with his MakerLegoBot masterpiece. The machine takes input from a PC running MLCAD, a sort of industrial design tool for blocknauts, and then churns out anything you like — so long as it is comprised of 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2, and 8×2 bricks. These are fed by the machine and methodically placed in exact position, as shown in the video below. If you’re hanging out in The Netherlands this upcoming weekend you can also see the thing in action at LegoWorld in Zwolle, or just build your own with the detailed plans at the source link below. But, before you start assembling, know that you’ll need 2,400 bricks and nine Mindstorms NXT motors.

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