Sep 142010

10orono Without Borders Bells smaSeason seven of this venerable intermedia festival finds newly minted U-Me MFAs mixing it up with the likes of Fluxus mainstay Dick Higgins and DJ paul j. bosse, the “junky but funky beat mechanic.”


Percussive performers and historical predecessors join the newest crop of MFAs in Without Borders VII, an exhibition celebrating all things intermedia….We have chosen the topic Intermedia for this year’s Without Borders Festival to acknowledge that this year’s exhibition included the first two Graduates of the new Intermedia MFA Program at the University of Maine. Thus it seemed appropriate to both celebrate this milestone and to take the opportunity to consider what the program and its students are involved in exploring, developing and producing. This Festival presents the work of more than two dozen artists, both contemporary and historic, who have explored the “space” of intermedial praxis.