Sep 042010

Defenders of realism in violent RPG videogames sometimes argue that the ability to play different roles helps stimulate understanding of cross-cultural conflicts and historical context, or even inspire empathy. So what happens when US military play the Taliban side in Medal of Honor? And how is that different from soldiers who act out the role of the “enemy” in Army-initiated training exercises? via Byline donniebaseball23 writes “EA’s Medal of Honor reboot doesn’t ship until October 12, but it’s already seen a fair amount of controversy thanks to the publisher’s decision to allow people to play as Taliban in multiplayer. The controversy just got escalated another notch, reports IndustryGamers, as the world’s biggest games retailer GameStop has decided it won’t sell the title at its stores located on US military bases. The new Medal of Honor won’t be advertised at these stores either. GameStop noted that they came to this decision ‘out of respect for our past and present men and women in uniform.’”

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