(Well, the first movie to get a lot of attention, anyway.) The iPhone 4 has video editing capabilities, hence this film from the viewpoint of a moving toy train.

Shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 / iMovie App (in 48 hours).


The project reminds me of the “Cellular Cinema” capstone of New Media Department alumna Chrissy Seeber ’05. Chrissy mobilized (pun intended) dozens of her friends and classmates to submit videos that could only be made on mobile phones, or were most useful when viewed on them. (Think movies made while skateboarding, or how-to-change-a-tire shorts.)

Phone technology in the US wasn’t quite up to speed in 2005, so she travelled to Asia to research other handsets and even ported a film to the Sony PSP as a proof of concept, then displayed the videos on a well produced Web site. Chrissy was definitely ahead of her time, and if I recall correctly is now living in New York City.

(via Craig Dietrich)

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