Apr 302010

Notes on the Sustainable Orono meeting of April 28, 2010: From: Sustainable Orono

Aproximately 30 persons attended the meeting at the Orono Public Library. We viewed the documentary, In Transition 1.0, which, for those who were unable to attend, can be viewed online at:

We discussed a variety of ideas for making Orono more sustainable, including the establishment of a town farm; having community gardens on town land with personal plots that could be cultivated by those without access to land; having a municipal hydroelectric plant; increasing the number of households that heat with natural gas rather than heating oil, as an interim way of cutting the carbon footprint of the town until more sustainable methods can be employed; and the importance of more comprehensive recycling. A number of persons spoke about the importance of having a strong community in facing the challenges of peak oil and climate change.

A steering committee for Sustainable Orono was formed to ensure continuity until a more formal structure could be created. This committee can be contacted at sustainable_orono at hotmail.com.

A committee that will examine and work on initiatives for local food production was also formed, with Claudia Lowd as the committee convener (Email: clowd at myfairpoint.net)

There were also volunteers for a committee on local energy use and production, but as of yet there is no convener for that committee. If you wish to serve on any of these committees, please contact sustainable_orono at hotmail.com.

We tentatively decided that the next Sustainable Orono meeting would be held on May 26 at the Birch Street School, if it is available at that time, as the library meeting was too small to comfortably accommodate the group.

Finally, until a better means of communication is found or developed, the Sustainable Orono group on Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sustainable_orono/) can be used for posting notices and reports of meetings and activities Sustainable Orono committees and any other local groups that are working on sustainability issues.