Apr 242010

Screen shot 2010-04-24 at 12.46.51 PMOur company of actors and chefs will be arriving in the form of an alchemical laboratory that engages all of one’s senses through a media-rich exploration of food, music, video and theatrical performances. The University of Maine’s new Intermedia Graduate program will be launching a revolutionary collaborative effort, under the guidance of Professor Leon Johnson, where graduate students engage as designers, authors, performers, with a range of communities, to cultivate conversations with local artists, farmers, students, teachers and businesses to generate a uniquely immersive dining experience.

Guests will enter into a bubbling laboratory, rich with history beyond our time, as wandering scientists of questionable origin stop to observe the local inhabitants. Supported by a backdrop of music, video, custom designed sets, original script, an eclectic cast of characters, and a multi-course dinner prepared live from the finest local produce, the project looks to activate as many local artisans as possible. Collaborative efforts have already begun between the team of students and several artists and venues, and all are looking forward to the launch in April.

The students hope to demonstrate that this nomadic structure based on conversations with local communities around convivial spaces can become a sustainable architecture for artists and farmers alike. The collaborative model looks to activate new models of learning and engagement in the world that stimulate conversations that can carry on beyond the scope of a single project, generating opportunity and awareness for a host of groups and individuals throughout numerous communities. The theater will serve doubly as a mobile art gallery, as all artifacts that comprise the set will be custom designed artworks created specifically for that evening’s performance. From photography to furniture making and cooking, artisans of all types are encouraged to participate in this model. For more information on joining us as a guest or a collaborator in a dining experience like no other, please feel free to contact us.

Performance Dates May 5th, 6th, 7th
For Ticket Information, Please Contact [email protected]