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I’m starting a project inspired by the ever evolvement of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Status Updates have developed from rhetorical information to full on debates, some spanning several paragraphs. But by being hosted on a public platform in which virtually anyone can let their opinion be known these threads can become tough to intemperate very quickly. Multiple conversations with separate meanings often appear in the same thread, making interpretation of the dialog difficult to follow.

This project is intended to exploit that fact and use it as a platform of creativity. It is also a question as to who owns the content on a public domain? If someone uses something you freely post for their own benefit are those people entitled to it? Let us know your opinion at [ ]STRANGE

Alexander Marquis New Media “Never be ashamed to ask for information. The ignorant man will always be ignorant if he fears that by asking he will display ignorance.” -Booker T. Washington

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