Microsoft-Tag-20100201I’m not a Microsoft sympathiser, but I do think they’ve made a number of gains in the last year. Windows 7 has caught up with OS X (and even passed it: it’s fast and 64-bit, you can rotate images without attaching folder actions, and the taskbar now combines both the old Windows taskbar with behviors from OS X’s dock). And, Windows Live is an intruiging—if not yet completely useful—set of lightweight cloudware software, include Live Sync which can pass files between Windows to OS X computers.

Now they’ve released Microsoft Tag Beta. There’s a few things I don’t understand right off the bat:

  1. I thought they were phasing out “Microsoft” for “Live” or “Bing” in their titles?
  2. The site is fixed-width at 1000 pixels… huh?
  3. I’m not sure how to tag anything other than a URL, plain text, or a phone number

But if it’s able to tag a variety of different content types and media, then I could see a lot of great uses for this. Hopefully there will be an API.

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